Schwarze A4 Storm Regenerative Air Sweeper

The Schwarze® A4 Storm is a chassis mounted, regenerative air street sweeper and a real heavy-duty workhorse that will provide a high-quality option with the lowest cost of ownership. It also includes Schwarze WhisperWheelSM fan system, which runs over 70% quieter and up to 20% less fuel consumption.

Airspeed of 14,000cfm and sweep path of 3,048mm makes this package the compact performance leader. High tipping at 1,956mm and overall height of 2,505mm puts the A4 in a class of its own. As the regenerative air system raises much less dust than sweepers fitted with main brooms, less water is required for dust control.


Curb Sweeping

The preferred choice of many Councils and Contractors for highest productivity and reliability. The highest performance ‘Regen’ ensures higher quality clean with an increased speed.

Industrial / Civil Sweeping

Highest performance vacuum with larger gutter brooms, 12” intake hoses, bigger, stronger pick-up heads, and it serves as the best contractor sweeper.

Pit Cleaning

17,000cfm gives a significant advantage to crossover into efficient pit cleaning activity. 8” rear mounted hose and washdown handgun makes lightwork of solid material with pit cleaning and catch basins.