Hydro excavation trucks

Hydro excavation trucks

When it comes to hydro excavation trucks (also referred to as vacuum excavation trucks, hydro excavation units, non-destructive digging trucks or hydrovac trucks) you want equipment that is reliable, safe and efficient.

Since 2011, KOR has been providing Australian and New Zealand customers with world-class industrial equipment and accessories. Through our uncompromising focus on quality, industry knowledge and expertise, delivering superior results and performance, customer service and support we are the leaders in our field.

As the exclusive distributor of Cappellotto, which is one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum and water jetting equipment worldwide, we provide the best quality products with the latest technology, that consistently achieves the best customer results.

Benefits Of Vacuum Excavation Trucks

Here are the advantages of using hydro excavation trucks for excavation and the
vacuum excavation trucks that we distribute throughout Australia and New Zealand


Compared to traditional excavation methods, hydrovac trucks are generally a safer, more efficient, less invasive, and more reliable option. Using either high-pressure water and a powerful vacuum, vacuum excavation trucks break up soil and debris and vacuum it up into the hydrovac truck’s tank. This greatly reduces the risk of digging incidents such as damaging service strikes and underground utilities.


Vacuum excavation trucks also offer better precision excavation, therefore, minimising any potential damage or disturbance to the site which may otherwise hinder productivity and increase downtime. Another benefit of hydrovac trucks is that it is a more efficient and cost-effective solution, reducing the labour required and the need for restoration is reduced.

Vacuum excavation trucks are suitable for a wide range of applications that include:


(digging to expose and locate underground services)

Moving debris
via Vacuum

Cleaning out structures

Piling hole excavation

Service locations

Identifying services

Potholing to locate services

Trenching in areas with unknown services

Hydrovac Trucks In Our Range

Cappellotto CAP COMBI 3200 CL HYDRO

Features of this highly versatile vacuum excavation truck suitable for diverse applications include: 

  • High-efficiency vacuum performance combined with hydro excavation and high-performance vacuum capability
  • Superior productivity vacuum recovery capability over long distances
  • 6.5M boom extension built for strength and longevity
  • PIT / GPT cleaning
  • 6″ hydro excavation with 10 cube tank for even the largest requirements
  • Wireless remote control with all functions including unloading
  • V-belt and pneumatic clutches for the highest efficiency power transmission

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CAP COMBI 2600 CC Hydro

This ergonomically designed non destructive digging truck includes the following features:

  • 6″ vacuum hose with an 8 cubic metre tank for versatile operation
  • High payload
  • Stainless steel cyclone vacuum filtration with automatic cleaning function
  • 270-degree rotational boom design with 4.8m extension built to last
  • Spring loaded 20m x 3/8″ hydro excavation hose reel
  • Full-function wireless remote control and control panel

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