KEG is a leader in manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment designed for efficiency and precision in the sewer cleaning and inspection sector. As a committed distributor of KEG technologies in Australia and New Zealand, KOR brings this unparalleled quality right to your doorstep.

We understand that sewer and drain maintenance is a critical component for infrastructure health, and with KEG’s innovative solutions, you can ensure reliability and long-lasting performance.

With over ten years of industry experience, KOR is a trusted provider of quality sewer and drain cleaning solutions. Our extensive expertise, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction, makes us a preferred choice for all your sewer and drain maintenance needs.

Our range of KEG products are testament to this, offering top-notch performance coupled with the latest technology.


As the exclusive distributor of KEG in Australia and New Zealand, KOR is your go-to source for the entire gamut of sewer cleaning and inspection equipment.

Our commitment goes beyond product sales; we offer a support system with servicing capabilities across Australia and New Zealand, ensuring that you not only receive the best-in-class products but also the necessary servicing and parts for long-term operational excellence.

Cutting-Edge Technology

KEG stands at the forefront of technological innovation in sewer cleaning and inspection. From high-pressure nozzles to specialised chain cutters, each product is engineered for optimal performance and durability.

Whether you’re dealing with mineral deposits, tuberculation, or concrete removal, KEG’s equipment is designed to tackle the most demanding applications safely and efficiently.

Safety &

KEG products emphasise the importance of operator safety without compromising on performance.

With tools designed to prevent toilet blowouts and unique vibrating ‘Jackhammer’ actions for safe scale removal, KEG offers a comprehensive range of equipment that prioritises both safety and effectiveness.

Drain & Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

Discover the pinnacle of drain cleaning with KEG’s extensive range of nozzles, from the Royal Nozzle ideal for all-round cleaning to the Commander Nozzle designed for upstream cleaning while removing debris downstream.

Each nozzle is meticulously engineered to address specific challenges: grease removal, root cutting, or hardened deposit removal.

  • KEG Royal Nozzle – 1″ Drain Cleaning

    Part# 100021-C The KEG 1" Royal Drain Cleaning Nozzle is ideal for all round cleaning of pipes up to 1200mm in diameter.

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  • KEG Torpedo Nozzle – 1″ Drain Cleaning

    Part# 100031-C KEG's 1" Torpedo Nozzle is the optimal design to complete drain cleaning of pipes of 150-400mm but can also be used in pipes of up to 800mm.

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  • KEG OMG Nozzle – 1″ Drain Cleaning

    Part# 100266-C KEG's 1" OMG Nozzle is the optimal design to complete compromised, corrugated or concrete pipe cleaning.

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  • KEG Aquapower 700 Nozzle – 1″ Rootcutter

    Part# 100276-C KEG's 1" Aquapower 700 is the optimal nozzle to complete grease removal, small to medium root cutting and hardened deposit removal.

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  • KEG Equalizer Nozzle – 1″ Drain Cleaning

    Part# 100045-C KEG's 1" Equalizer nozzle is designed to stop toilet blowouts, increasing safety.

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  • KEG Aquapower Junior – Grease and Root Removal

    Part# 100274J The KEG 1" Aquapower Junior is the perfect nozzle for cutting grease and roots from pipes with it's lightweight design making it easy to travel up hills.

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  • KEG DUCE Small – Concrete Removal

    Part# 101108-C The KEG 1” Duce Small Drain Cleaning Nozzle’s unique vibrating ‘Jackhammer’ action is ideal for scale removal, mineral deposits, tuberculation and concrete while being safer then cutting and milling.

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  • KEG DUCE 1″ – Concrete Removal

    Part# 100108-C The KEG 1” Duce Drain Cleaning Nozzle’s unique vibrating ‘Jackhammer’ action is ideal for scale removal, mineral deposits, tuberculation and concrete while being safer then cutting and milling.

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  • KEG Stallion Nozzle – 1″ Drain Cleaning

    Part# 100264 The KEG 1” Stallion Drain Cleaning Nozzle is excellent for storm drain or sewer cleaning applications where pipes are heavily exposed to debris or are heavily damaged.

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  • KEG Commander Nozzle – 1″ Drain Cleaning

    Part# 90000008RU The KEG 1” Commander Drain Cleaning Nozzle is designed with 4 forward jets that allows the nozzle to clean the pipe system upstream while removing debris downstream.

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  • KEG Supernova 4000 1″ – DN150-1200 Chain Cutter

    Part# 200400-C The Supernova 4000 is ideal for roots, scaling, rust, grease and minerals including cast iron and concrete.

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  • KEG Supercutter Plus 150 1″ – DN150-400 Chain Cutter

    Part# 200242-C The Supercutter Plus 150 is ideal for roots, scaling, rust, grease and minerals including cast iron and concrete.

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Chain Cutters

For more robust cleaning applications, KEG offers the Supernova 4000 and Supercutter Plus 150, designed to cut through roots, rust, grease, and minerals in both cast iron and concrete pipes.

Specialised Tools

Enhance your cleaning operations with KEG’s specialised tools like the Y Connector for twin nozzle operation or the 14 Jet Floor Cleaner, ideal for removing heavy debris and compacted materials.

  • KEG Y Connector 1″

    Variant 1 (325mm) part# G00100126 Variant 2 (500mm) part# G00100126A A Y Connector is a necessary tool used in Twin Nozzle operation giving the operator the ability to clean large box culverts, arch pipe or large diameter round pipes in a more efficient manner.

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  • KEG 14 Jet 1″ Floor Cleaner

    8 JET part# 100122 10 JET part# 100123  12 JET part# 100124-C 14 JET part# 100125-C The high pressure flow coming from the KEG 14 Jet Floor Cleaner is converted to maximum cleaning power through each jet making these nozzles ideal for removing sludge, mud, other compacted materials & heavy debris.

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If you’re in the market for reliable, efficient, and safe sewer cleaning and inspection equipment, look no further than KEG’s range of products. Contact us or view our range to discover how KOR can tailor a KEG solution that perfectly fits your operational needs.

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