KEG OMG Nozzle – 1″ Drain Cleaning

The KEG 1″ OMG Drain Cleaning Nozzle is ideal for cleaning storm drain or sewer cleaning applications where pipe walls may be compromised and pressure on the pipe wall is not desire. This may include deterioriated pipe, corrigated pipe or concrete pipes.

With it’s tier 3 nozzle design, the fluid dynamics of the nozzle are more efficient than alternatives, reducing water usage and the fuel burn of your unit when drain cleaning.

With no maintenance or servicing required, the KEG OMG 1″ Drain Cleaning nozzle offers a low-cost of life nozzle with longevity at the centre of it’s design philosophy.


Specialised Pipe Cleaning

The KEG 1″ OMG nozzle has the ideal design for the cleaning of compromised, concrete and corrigated pipes. This is due to it’s long and heavy design and 12 jets with titanium ceramic inserts.

Tier 3 Design

The KEG tier 3 nozzle design offers superior fluid dynamics which make their nozzles highly efficient. Both water consumption and fuel burn is reduced when drain cleaning with a KEG tier 3 nozzle, lowering your cost of operation and increasing the profitability of your business.

KEG Quality Commitment

The high quality design and materials that go into the KEG nozzle design mean that the finished product stands the test of time and their harsh operating environments. KEG’s confidence in their product means every KEG nozzle comes with a 5 year warranty and a guaranteed nozzle swap free of charge if there are any product defects over the 5 year warranty period.

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