In the world of industrial cleaning and excavation, safety and productivity are paramount. That’s where Gerotto comes in. Specialising in remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), Gerotto takes operator safety to new heights by removing them from high-risk zones, such as tank cleaning and maintenance, confined space, pipelines and dangerous goods areas.

With our Gerotto solutions, difficult and hazardous tasks can be conducted around the clock without risk of injury or fatigue. Whether it’s the Gerotto Lombrico or other advanced Gerotto robot models, you can count on us to deliver exceptional safety and efficiency.

For over ten years, KOR has been synonymous with exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service in the industrial markets of Australia and New Zealand. Our knowledge and expertise in the field, along with our commitment to delivering superior results, set us apart as industry leaders.

Discover the Gerotto range of equipment to see how we can contribute to your operational success.


As the official and exclusive distributor of Gerotto in Australia and New Zealand, KOR is your trusted source for their highly customisable and adaptable Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Our strategic partnership with Gerotto enables us to offer a comprehensive service package, covering everything from initial consultation and product purchasing to ongoing maintenance and support.

By aligning ourselves with Gerotto, we ensure that you have access to innovative solutions that meet the highest industry standards.


Gerotto’s product line is designed to offer bespoke solutions for a variety of operational needs. Whether it’s for non-hazardous tasks or ‘Zone Zero’ dangerous goods applications, we provide a range of Gerotto models that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

We work closely with you to understand your needs and customise Gerotto ROVs and accessories to offer the most effective solutions, if you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact us for a solution that meets your needs.


Prioritising safety without compromising on productivity is one of Gerotto’s standout features and one that KOR is proud to endorse. A single Gerotto robot can significantly reduce the number of operational staff required—by up to three people—while simultaneously enhancing productivity.

This means that both operators and customers can have peace of mind, knowing they are working within a framework of maximum safety and efficiency.

  • Gerotto Lombrico S

    The Lombrico, initially designed in 2002 and known as Lombrico of Venice, is a tracked, remote-controlled Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) equipped with a suction hose that is connected to the suction unit.

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Gerotto Lombrico S

Step into the future of excavation and cleaning with the Gerotto Lombrico S. Originally conceptualised in 2002 for cleaning the underground canals in Venice, this tracked, remote-controlled ROV comes equipped with a suction hose that connects directly to the suction unit. Designed for the most challenging environments, the Gerotto Lombrico represents the pinnacle of operator safety and job efficiency.

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With an established presence in strategic industrial locations across VIC, NSW, SA, QLD, WA, and Hamilton, New Zealand, KOR is at the forefront of delivering advanced ROV solutions tailored to your unique needs. Contact us to get started with your unique solution.

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