Gerotto Lombrico S

The Lombrico, initially designed in 2002 and known as Lombrico of Venice, is a tracked, remote-controlled Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) equipped with a suction hose that is connected to the suction unit.

It is composed of complete stainless-steel structure, two hydraulic driven rubber tracks, hydraulic manual manifold to control the movements of the robot, quick connection system to the external hydraulic source and video inspection system (optional).

The Lombrico was designed and created to clean and vacuum excavate every type of material obstructing culverts, pipes, tunnels, tanks of different dimensions, mines and spaces under conveyor belts. Combined with Suction Excavators and Vacuum Trucks with a suction diameter from 80 mm [3”] to 250 mm [10″].


We stock a range of Non Standard options and accessories for the Lombrico S model

Accessories and parts available for both current and older models

Industrial cleaning

The mini excavation robot has been developed for industrial cleaning in the most difficult areas (confined space) where operators shouldn’t work

150mm Vacuum recovery

Lombrico mini robot is the no man entry solution for aspirate material particularly in confined spaces.

Squeegee tool

The Gerotto Trailer provides the possibility of having everything necessary for effective industrial cleaning within an agile and compact trailer

Heavy sludge vacuum recovery

Effectively and safely remove large quantities of material in even in dangerous environments such as ATEX Zones

High flow high pressure cleaning tool

The New version of the Gerotto Hydrant Tool accessory represents the best way for cleaning vertical and horizontal surfaces in confined spaces such as tanks.

High pressure cleaning & squeegee tool

The Squeege tool is the Gerotto’s accessory for Mini Robot Excavators able to clean the bottom of the tank from sediments and viscous material

Benefits include

Safe position of the operators

with optional wireless remote control

Reduction of manual labour

resulting in a limitation of possible human injuries

Perfect manoeuvrability

of the robot, to reach even the most inaccessible locations


Reduction in cleaning time and cost

Reduction or removal of plant shutdowns

ideally with plant operations continuing

Highlighted specs