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With a deep understanding of the challenges and requirements of street maintenance, KOR leverages its extensive experience and cutting-edge technology to offer high-quality street sweeper trucks specifically for your operational needs.

We’ve prepared this in-depth guide to help make choosing the right street sweeper truck easier, read on to learn more about which features to look out for and which applications different sweepers are needed for.

What features should operators look for when choosing a street sweeper truck?

When selecting a street sweeper truck, operators should consider features that align with their specific tasks. The geographical location, for instance, can significantly alter requirements. Commonly sought-after features include:

  • HP Water System: For thorough cleaning.
  • Magnet Bar: To remove steel debris.
  • Rear Boom Hose: Great for pit cleaning.
  • Emulsion Spraying Systems
  • Sweeping Brooms: Steel, poly, or mixed – Choose what suits your debris.
Why do street sweeper trucks beat other street cleaning methods?

Street sweeper trucks stand out as the most efficient and environmentally friendly option for bulk street and gutter cleaning. They’re also more cost-effective due to their increased effectiveness and time-saving.

Mechanical vs. suction sweepers: where do they excel?

Mechanical sweepers excel in situations requiring the removal of large amounts of heavy debris, like in road construction. They are highly efficient in quickly collecting and disposing of materials in applications where you might collect a hopper full of material in a couple of minutes and empty it into an on-site dump truck. On the other hand, for lighter tasks like leaf and general kerb cleaning, suction or regenerative sweepers are far more efficient.

So which sweeper type is best for you?

All types of sweepers have different performance and effectiveness depending on the application. What may be a perfect application for a regenerative sweeper may be not efficient for a mechanical or vacuum sweeper and vice versa, view our range to compare capabilities or speak to one of our experts if you’re unsure of what street sweeper you need.

What are the operational costs of different street sweeper trucks?

The primary operational costs of street sweeper trucks include driver labour, fuel, and broom replacement, which constitute up to 95% of ongoing expenses. Using a Schwarze regenerative sweeper can significantly reduce fuel and broom replacement costs.

Are there any environmental and sustainability benefits associated with using street sweeper trucks?

Absolutely! Especially the Schwarze GS6 and A4 models. They use less fuel and cut down on air pollution thanks to their continuous air recirculation system.

What maintenance and servicing requirements are involved in owning and operating a street sweeper truck?

The maintenance and servicing requirements for a street sweeper truck vary based on the sweeper and cab chassis type. Schwarze regenerative GS6 and A4 sweepers offer easier and less frequent maintenance needs. Regular servicing includes 6-monthly cab chassis servicing and quarterly sweeper body servicing, which can be conveniently done on-site by KOR's mobile service unit.

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