Spare parts

We stock over 80,000+ individual spare parts, including drain cleaning and hydro excavation accessories, in our warehouses across Australia and New Zealand. This stock is to reduce the downtime for our customers and to ensure we have the processes in place that focus on quick turnarounds, ensuring your equipment is back up and running as quickly as possible.

KOR has been providing world-class industrial equipment and accessories for over 10 years. With uncompromising quality, industry knowledge and expertise and customer service we are proud to be leaders in our field. We aim to deliver the very best solutions for our clients providing whole-of-life support from product purchasing and spare parts through to full ongoing servicing.


With parts stocked across Australia and New Zealand, our facilities are strategically positioned next to major freeways for easy access.


Our mobile service fleet is fully equipped with a range of spare parts, meaning quicker than ever service solutions.

designed facility

Our dedicated national parts centre is home to over 80,000+ individual spare parts to support industrial vacuum equipment & road street sweepers

Innovative inventory

We continue to develop new processes to meet increased market demands, sort stock, and deliver with high accuracy.


With increased distribution capability across Australia and New Zealand, we’re reducuing delivery times for our customers.

Fully equiped
service vans 

Whether your vehicle’s serviced in-house or by our mobile service vans, KOR’s qualified technicians will always be able to replace any parts carried in stock on the vans.

accessory packs  

Our spare parts and support team assemble pre-delivery accessory packs, ready to accompany any new purchases of both Cappellotto and Schwarze equipment.

We also stock a range of quality OEM accessories

Hydro Excavation, Sewer & Drain Cleaning Accessories

In our range of drain cleaning, hydro excavation and vacuum truck accessories, we offer high-quality PPE (personal protective equipment) including:

TST Safety helmet with visor & hearing protectors

Part# 5102068/5000

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TST Safety apron for front protection

Part# 5623025/5000

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TST Protective, waterproof & CE-certified boots

Part# 5652025/5000

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TST Protective waterproof gloves

Part# 5600025-STL

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TST 2 layer CE certified hi-vis jacket

Part# 5622025/5690

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TST 2 layer hi vis trousers

Part# 5632025/5690

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TST hi-vis vest

Part# 5620025/5690

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TST arm protections

Part# 5602025

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hydro excavation accessories & spare parts

We also supply a range of sweeper brushes and hoses suitable for hydro excavation, drain cleaning and vacuum truck applications.

Our range of hydro excavation accessories and spare parts includes drain cleaning nozzles and turbo nozzles specifically designed to withstand the harsh requirements of the hydro excavation industry. Our drain cleaning accessories also include a range of nozzles suitable for other applications such as root cutting, chain cutting, grease and root removal, and concrete removal.

Sweeper brushes

drain cleaning nozzles

Street sweeper

Partnering with ODB (Old Dominion Brush Company), KOR also provides high-quality sweeper brushes designed to outperform competitors in all configurations.
The key benefits of these street sweeper brushes are the improved wear rates, tougher wire and steeper angles for optimal surface cleaning, and significantly reduced breakage rates that lower operating costs.

Efficient Servicing

We have sites located across Australia and New Zealand and a mobile service fleet that is equipped with a range of spare parts to quickly get your application running again. KOR’s qualified technicians are able to replace any parts carried in stock on the mobile service vans.

If you’re unsure about your servicing requirements, talk with a local KOR representative to determine what hydro excavation, drain cleaning, vacuum and street sweeper truck accessories are best suited for your applications. All products in our accessories ranges are high quality, long-lasting and designed to make completing tasks more efficient and cost-effective.

Enquire About Our Spare Parts & Accessories

We have established sites conveniently located in industrial hubs in VIC, NSW, SA, QLD and WA, and Hamilton, New Zealand. Contact us today to arrange a time to speak with your local KOR representative about the drain cleaning, vacuum truck and hydro excavation accessories you require.