A pioneer and leader in high-pressure pumps, URACA, with over 130 years of innovation and experience brings unparalleled expertise to the industry. 

As the distributor of URACA’s quality range high-pressure pumps in Australia and New Zealand, KOR provides top-tier solutions to help you with your industrial processes, cleaning applications, and more. 

Australia and New Zealand contractors have trusted Uraca for decades to be the most reliable, high performing pumps in the market. Our Range include pumps for sewer & drain cleaning with both recycled water or clean water options.  Hydro excavation Class B including ultra-high pressure (UHP) pumps.

With years of industry expertise, KOR is committed to delivering only the best to our clients. Our partnership with URACA is just one example of this commitment, allowing us to provide a range of products that are reliable, robust, and backed by cutting-edge technology.

KOR hold stock of Uraca pumps for drain cleaning and hydro excavation and replacement parts in stock across Australia at our network of branches.

Versatility & Reliability

URACA purpose-built high pressure pumps can be used for a number of applications across a myriad of industries—drain cleaning in municipal services, hydro excavation in civil applications, process pumps in mining, refineries, chemical or pharmaceutical processes, the food industry, and steelworks, to name a few.

Whether you’re looking for URACA high-pressure pumps for cleaning or complex components for industrial processes, URACA’s versatile product range is designed to deliver unmatched reliability and performance.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Through partnering with strategic OEM manufacturers like URACA, we’re able to go beyond standard product offerings to provide tailor-made solutions that ensure safe, efficient, and economical operations.

With decades of experience and a focus on innovation, URACA pumps are characterised by their reliability, long-life and best return on investment.


Beyond providing equipment, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled customer service and support for all URACA products. Whether you’re looking to test URACA’s high-pressure solutions, our dedicated team is here to assist.  KOR ensures that Uraca ‘Factory Trained’ technicians are here to assist support your Uraca pumps in the field.

With KOR by your side, you’re not just investing in world-class equipment; you’re gaining a support network across New Zealand and Australia that ensures you get the most out of your solutions.

Solve Your High-Pressure Application Problems

If you’re seeking reliable, versatile, and tailor-made high-pressure solutions, URACA and KOR have you covered.

Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your specific high-pressure technology needs.

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