Water Recycling Trucks

Water Recycling Trucks

With water recycling trucks, you need the best drain cleaning and vacuum recovery results with ongoing reliability. Throughout Australia and New Zealand, we distribute a range of quality water recycling trucks with the latest technology to the industry.

KOR distributes world-class industrial equipment and accessories to many customers supported by ongoing service and spare parts centres located across Australia and New Zealand. Our mission is to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience and results by providing quality products, industry knowledge and expertise, superior results and performance, customer service and loyalty. With this approach, we consistently deliver the best value to our customers making us leaders in our field.

Listed below are the features of the CAP RECY 2600 water recycling truck that make it the right choice when you are looking to reduce operational and waste costs whilst improving efficiencies.

CAP RECY 2600 Water Recycling Truck

This compact 6 x 4 water recycling truck unique recycling system delivers high productivity and superior recycling efficiency through its filtration capability.

Material that is discharged from the tank is spreadable and most of the liquid content is then filtered away to reuse for drain cleaning, which significantly reduces waste disposal costs. The CAP RECY 2600’s malleable hose design, enables easy entry to tight or unusual access points or locations. 

This is a versatile unit that is suitable for a number of applications that includes drain cleaning in municipalities and sewer lines, cleaning gross pollutant traps and pumping stations.

Features of the CAP RECY 2600 water recycling truck include:

Top mounted 270-degree rotational boom design

with 4.3m extension and 6″ vacuum hose

1″ and 1/2″ drain cleaning capability

80m of 1/2″ hose

and 20m of vacuum hose extension

5,000-litre stainless steel 304

sludge and water tanks

Stainless steel cyclone vacuum filtration

with automatic cleaning function

95% vacuum efficiency

Rear-mounted stainless steel control panel

with all functions including unloading

Wireless body control

with all functions including unloading

20m of an extendable vacuum hose

from the boom with 12m below ground

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