Street Sweeper Brushes

Street Sweeper Brushes

ODB (Old Dominion Brush Company) is the leading manufacturer of high-quality and cost-effective sweeper brushes designed to outperform competitors in all configurations. KOR recognises that the industry along with its applications within the marketplace require steadfast consumables.

KOR supplies ODB street sweeper brushes throughout Australia and New Zealand, along with other accessories. Contact us to order replacement road sweeper brushes for your Schwarze street sweeper trucks.

KOR has been providing world-class equipment and accessories to the Australian and New Zealand industrial markets for over 10 years. With uncompromising quality, industry knowledge and expertise and superior results, performance, customer service and loyalty we are proud to be leaders in our field. Learn more about the sweeper brushes in our range.

Range of Sweeper Brushes

ODB has been producing high-quality street sweeper brushes featuring industry-leading innovative designs to lower your operating costs.

Long wearing

With rigorous controls and quality testing, ODB replacement road sweeper brushes exhibit exceptional durability making them KOR’s preferred choice.

tougher & steeper

Their range of street sweeper brushes features tougher wire and steeper angles for maximum surface cleaning.

cost effective

With improved wear rates and significantly reduced breakage rates, they are long-lasting and this makes them a cost-effective choice for your replacement road sweeper brushes. 

Schwarze GS6 & Hypervac Brooms

The replacement road sweeper brushes we have available to order through your local KOR representative:

26″ X 10.5LB gutter broom

Part# SBP200EN4
See specs

26″ X 13LB gutter broom

Part# SBP200EN4G
See specs

26″ X 13LB claw gutter broom

Part# SBP200EN4CG
See specs

Schwarze A4 Brooms

The replacement road sweeper brushes we have available to order through your local KOR representative:

22″ X 10.5LB gutter broom

Part# SBP200EN422
See specs

22″ X 13LB gutter broom

Part# SBP200EN422G
See specs

Other Accessories In Our Range

In addition to street sweeper brushes we stock a range of PPE, hoses and hydro excavation and drain cleaning parts and accessories.

drain-cleaning PPE

Hydro excavation


To Keep Operations Running (KOR), we provide spare parts and servicing support to all major brands of street sweeper trucks, hydro excavation trucks, drain cleaning units and more.

Talk to your local KOR representative and they will be able to assist you with servicing, replacement parts, accessories and more.

Enquire About Our Sweeper Brushes Today

Contact us today to find out more about our range of street sweeper brushes and to place your order for replacement road sweeper brushes. We have established sites conveniently located in industrial hubs in VIC, NSW, SA, QLD and WA, and Hamilton, New Zealand.