Since 1959, Piranha® Hose Products, Inc. has been the go-to brand for high-pressure hoses across many applications, including sewer cleaning and jetting tasks. The name Piranha is synonymous with reliability and quality. At KOR, we leverage our years of experience to bring you products that solve real-world problems. Whether you’re faced with challenging sewer blockages or need high-pressure hoses for specialised industrial tasks, we’ve got you covered.

Quick & Efficient Sourcing

As a key distributor, KOR can quickly and efficiently source Piranha products for you. No more lengthy lead times or shipping delays; get the high-pressure hose solutions you need when you need them.


We understand one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer customised solutions designed to meet your specific requirements. Piranha hoses are engineered to handle demanding conditions, from stubborn blockages in residential sewers to complex industrial applications, we have you covered.

Unmatched Pressure Resistance

Piranha hoses undergo rigorous pressure testing, ensuring they not only meet but also surpass industry standards. No more worrying about hose failures disrupting your operations.

Sewer Cleaning Hoses

Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial, Piranha’s sewer cleaning hoses are made to thrive under the most demanding conditions. A combination of a yellow Polyolefin or seamless thermoplastic tube with high tensile synthetic fibre reinforcement braids makes these hoses exceptionally robust.

Series SPOR Orange Cover 2,500 PSI Hose

This hose is constructed with a yellow polyolefin tube, reinforced by a single high-tensile synthetic fiber braid. Its orange polyether-urethane cover offers superb abrasion resistance. Manufactured in the USA, this hose provides reliable performance tailored for standard sewer cleaning tasks.

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Series SLSPOR 2,500 PSI with Orange Slither® Cover

This variant incorporates all the features of the SPOR series, but includes a slick orange Slither® cover. This allows for added manoeuvrability in complex sewer lines.

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Series LLGR 4,000 PSI Piranha® Green Cover Jetting/Lateral Line Hose

Specifically designed for jetting applications, this hose features a yellow seamless thermoplastic tube. It is reinforced with either a single or double high-tensile synthetic fibre braid. The green polyurethane cover enhances its durability.

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Series LLRD 5,000 PSI Jetting/Lateral Line Hoses

For the most demanding jetting applications, this hose offers a 5,000 PSI capacity. It features a yellow seamless thermoplastic tube, double high-tensile synthetic fibre braid reinforcement, and a red polyurethane cover for added abrasion resistance.

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Jetting / Lateral Line Hoses

For those requiring jetting/lateral line hoses, Piranha jetter hoses have you covered. These hoses are specifically designed for jetting equipment used across various applications. They even offer special high-temp jetting line hoses.

Armor Belt® Hoses

Armor Belt® hoses are for those who require extreme durability. Its patented Armor Belt® construction offers increased crush and cut resistance, making it ideal for demanding sewer cleaning environments.

Series SAOR 2500 PSI Armor Belt® Sewer Cleaning Hoses

This hose comes with Armor Belt® construction, making it ideal for applications requiring extreme durability without sacrificing flexibility. It also offers improved cut and abrasion resistance.

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Series HABU 3000 PSI Armor Belt® Sewer Cleaning Hoses

Similar to the SAOR series, this hose provides higher pressure capabilities along with the added benefits of Armor Belt® construction.

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Series LAGR 4000 PSI Armor Belt® Sewer Cleaning Hose

For those working in the harshest environments, this hose offers a 4,000 PSI capacity and is built with Armor Belt® technology for enhanced durability

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Each hose is made in the USA & undergoes 100% pressure testing to ensure reliability.

Reach out to KOR today to discover which Piranha hose best suits your specific operational needs.

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Our extensive product range and unmatched industry experience make KOR the perfect partner for sourcing your Piranha hose products. Don’t compromise; Reach out to KOR for the best solution for your business.

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