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Picture this: A single truck arrives at your construction site, sets up quickly, and begins its task. Within no time, a defined excavation area is cleanly carved out, leaving underground utilities identified and untouched.

This is made possible with our hydro excavation trucks. Our years of hands-on experience and strategic partnerships with manufacturers have positioned us at the forefront of the excavation industry in Australia.

With our state-of-the-art hydro vacuum excavation trucks & a commitment to exceptional service, we've redefined efficiency & precision in excavation.

How does a hydro excavation truck work and what are its main components?

A hydro excavation truck primarily employs two key elements: high-pressure water and a potent quality vacuum system. The water jet loosens the soil, and the vacuum system promptly removes it, leaving a clean, well-defined excavation area. This meticulous process ensures that underground assets like conduits, pipes and cables remain unharmed.

Main Components:

  • High-Pressure Water Jet: Used to break up the soil.
  • Vacuum System: Sucks up the loose soil and stores it in a debris tank.
  • Debris Tank: Where the vacuumed soil is stored for later disposal or reuse.
  • Control System: Allows the operator to manage the pressure and flow of water and vacuum.
What are the advantages of using hydro excavation trucks over traditional methods?

The benefits of hydro excavation are numerous and primarily revolve around precision, efficiency, and safety.

  • Non-Destructive Method: Traditional excavation methods can be quite invasive, posing a risk to underground utilities and the workforce. Hydro excavation is gentle yet effective whilst exposing the underground assets 
  • One Truck, Multiple Solutions: Say goodbye to the need for separate excavators and dump trucks. A single hydro excavation truck does it all, saving space and reducing equipment costs.
  • Clean Operation: With hydro excavation, the mess is minimal. The vacuumed soil goes straight into the debris tank, eliminating the need for extra cleanup.

Explore our range of hydro excavation trucks to find the one that best fits your project.

How can hydro excavation trucks improve the efficiency and speed of operations?

We understand the costs and headaches associated with time-wasting. Our hydro excavation trucks offer:

  • Quick Setup and Operation: Since it's a single truck operation, the setup and breakdown time are significantly reduced.
  • No Final Cleanup: The soil is vacuumed cleanly into the debris tank, leaving the surrounding area free from spillage.
Are hydro excavation units safe?

To ensure the well-being of operators and the site, the use of our hydro excavation trucks requires:

  • Certified Training: All operators must undergo rigorous training in adherence to industry standards.
  • High-Pressure Rated Safety Clothing: Mandatory for operators.
  • Exclusion Zones and Traffic Management: Implemented as needed.
  • And Site-Specific Protection Measures as Needed

For more information on this feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

Are there different types and sizes of hydro excavation trucks?

The scope of your project will dictate the size and type of hydro excavation truck required. Whether you're working on a cramped urban site or an expansive industrial zone, we have a solution that's just right for you. Our experts can guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you invest in a truck that maximises your operational efficiency. View our range or contact us to find the perfect fit for your excavation needs.

How do the costs of hydro excavation trucks compare to those of traditional excavation?

Owning a hydro excavation truck can be a wise financial move for several reasons:

  • Single Equipment Cost: Hydro Excavation trucks are a single piece of equipment compared to a package of truck and excavator and trailer the total cost of ownership can favour Hydro excavation as only a single piece of equipment needs to be registered, maintained and financed.
  • Higher Operational Revenue: Operational revenue for a Hydro excavation truck can also surpass a traditional excavator as it is a safer method and often more productive, so a total return on invested capital is often higher with a Hydro Excavation Truck.
What are the maintenance requirements of hydro excavation trucks for optimal performance and longevity?

A well-maintained hydro excavation truck is a long-lasting one. Regular servicing is crucial, including daily, weekly, and monthly checks and servicing: (depending on hours of work)

  • 3-Month Body Interval: To maintain the body in optimal condition.
  • 6-Month Chassis Interval: For oil drainage and overall chassis health.

For a more accurate maintenance schedule for your business, talk to one of our experts.

Can hydro excavation trucks be customised for my requirements?

We understand each business faces unique problems and operational requirements. This is why, depending on the application the equipment can be customised or modified to ensure it is most efficient for the work required.

What are the best practices for training and certifying operators to safely and effectively operate hydro excavation trucks?

KOR's hydrovac excavation trucks represent the pinnacle of excavation technology, combining efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. Our extensive range caters to diverse needs, ensuring that for every project, there's a solution to keep your operations running at maximum efficiency.

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