Gerotto Lombrico S Remote Operated Vehicles

Gerotto Lombrico S Remote Operated Vehicles

The Gerotto Lombrico ROV Unit is a robotic vacuum excavation system designed to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce cleaning time and costs. We are the exclusive Australia and New Zealand distributor of the Gerotto ROV unit with the expertise to customise and adapt each unit to meet your application requirements. Below we list the benefits of the Gerotto ROV unit that make it industry-leading and why it is a valuable asset to add to your fleet.

Benefits Of The Lombrico ROV Unit

With the Gerotto ROV unit, you can remove the operator completely from excavation/cleaning areas and dangerous goods zone zero applications.

This enables difficult and dangerous applications to be carried out continually 24/7 without the risk of injury or fatigue, whilst also minimising plant shutdowns. Being highly efficient, the Gerotto ROV unit can also increase productivity. With perfect manoeuvrability, this drain cleaning robot can be used to reach even the most inaccessible locations and areas where operators shouldn’t work, including confined spaces.

Key features include:

150MM heavy sludge vacuum recovery

High-flow pressure cleaning and squeegee tool

Optional wireless remote control

Hydraulic control system

Diesel / hydraulic powerpack

Available in 4”, 6”, 8” and 10”

Standard NON-ATEx

ROV Unit Applications

These remotely operated vehicles are customisable and adaptable for various applications, making them suitable for culvert cleaning, vacuum excavation, sludge bed cleaning, water blasting with high flow / ultra high pressure and ATEx version Zone ‘0’ tank cleaning, spill recovery and sludge removal.


We will work with you to customise your ROV unit so it best meets the requirements of your application.

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