Pure Vacuum Sweeper

Pure Vacuum Sweeper

Schwarze offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of sweepers in the industry. As the exclusive distributor for the Schwarze®’s Hypervac truck in Australia and New Zealand, we offer whole-of-life support from Schwarze sweeper truck purchasing to ongoing spare part and servicing support. Below we list the features of the Schwarze Hypervac truck that make it industry-leading and the preferred choice for those in the vacuum sweeper industry.

Schwarze Sweeper Trucks

Schwarze® offers the most comprehensive range of sweepers in the industry and the Hypervac sweeper truck is no exception, providing unrivalled performance.

The Hyper vacuum truck has been designed for the toughest industrial application and road construction conditions, efficient pit cleaning activity and offers higher filtration and lower sound levels than any other sweeper truck on the market.

Key features that make the Schwarze sweeper truck industry-leading include:

1,100mm side brooms

300mm suction hoses

Joystick control

with single button ‘push to sweep’

8” handheld hose

with 2,500psi front spray bar


8” rear-mounted hose

and washdown handgun

Dual nozzles as standard

Exclusive Surface Scrubbing Technology

Unique dust separator

that combines inertial and centrifugal dust separation resulting in significantly cleaner air entering the fan inlet

The Hypervac truck also features the Schwarze ‘Sweeper SenseTM’ Controls that allow the operator to have six pre-set settings that can be saved covering all functions which are activated with the touch of one button.

The control also features a large LCD screen in the chassis cab making all sweeper information easily visible.

To view the full list of specs for the Hyper vacuum truck, download the Schwarze sweeper truck brochure.

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Since 2011, KOR has been providing Australian and New Zealand customers with world-class industrial equipment and accessories. We are the exclusive distributor for the Schwarze® Hypervac pure vacuum trucks in Australia and New Zealand and in addition to purchasing, we also offer ongoing spare parts and servicing support. With our uncompromising quality, expert knowledge and expertise, superior results and performance, customer service and loyalty we are leaders in our field – consistently delivering the best value to our customers.

To enquire about the Schwarze sweeper truck, contact us to arrange a time to speak with your local KOR representative.

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