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Ever found yourself stuck in traffic due to a never-ending construction project up ahead? Or maybe you've heard about costly delays caused by accidentally damaged underground utilities? Headaches like these are why non-destructive digging (NDD) trucks have risen in popularity in recent years.

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What are the advantages of using non-destructive digging trucks?

Also known as hydro excavation trucks, NDD trucks combine high-pressure water and vacuum technology to excavate with surgical precision. This leaves a clean, defined excavation area and is superior to traditional excavation in that it prevents accidental hits to gas lines or water pipes underground, makes excavation a one-truck job, and vacuums as you go, saving time and money on cleaning up later.

How does an NDD (non-destructive digging) truck work?

Non-destructive Digging (NDD) trucks eliminate the need for conventional excavators and dump trucks. These trucks combine a high-pressure water system with a potent vacuum. Water jets break up the soil, while the vacuum sucks it away, leaving a neat hole or trench in its wake. The streamlined operation requires less equipment and occupies a smaller footprint, whilst not damaging underground assets.

What are the different types of non-destructive digging techniques used by NDD trucks?

NDD trucks offer a range of techniques to suit different excavation needs. Potholing is recommended for small holes or when pinpointing the location of underground assets. Conversely, for larger open areas, excavations can be infinitely large as long as the operator has safe access and the site is deemed safe, with trenching being a popular method of locating large sections of underground assets. These different techniques and use cases may necessitate or benefit from different-sized NDD trucks, for the best fit for your operational requirements speak to our experts.

Can non-destructive digging trucks safely excavate underground utilities?

Yes, one of the key benefits and use cases for NDD trucks is their ability to locate and expose the underground assets while removing all soil and material around them and without any damage to the assets.

Do NDD trucks reduce the risk of accidents and costly repairs?

Conventional digging methods use a mechanical steel bucket that rips and tears at the soil and do any asset it comes in contact with. This often causes disturbances or unsafe activities that can shut down existing infrastructure.

NDD trucks using water and vacuum power to excavate means existing infrastructure usually remains operational, greatly reducing the risk of damaged pipes or other underground assets and saving both time and money that would otherwise be spent on repairs.

The process is also faster overall without the need for separate dump trucks and also inherently cleaner, leading to quicker project completion times. Moreover, the reduced noise levels and minimal ground vibration make it a preferable choice for sensitive environments such as urban development projects with stricter noise regulations.

Are there environmental benefits of using non-destructive digging trucks?

The precision of NDD Trucks can significantly minimise the environmental impact of excavation. As well as general environmental damage being reduced when compared to traditional excavation methods, dust pollution is also reduced, particularly important in residential areas.

When are NDD trucks typically used?

From civil construction and mining to oil and gas sectors, the application of NDD is broad and varied. Whilst the technology is particularly impactful in these instances where damage to underground assets would be especially costly, the other benefits of hydro excavation such as one-truck operation, simultaneous cleaning, reduced pollution, and more make them an attractive choice in myriad industries and applications.

NDD trucks bring unparalleled efficiency, safety, and environmental benefits to excavation.

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