Combination Hydro Excavation & Drain Cleaning Trucks

Combination Hydro Excavation & Drain Cleaning Trucks

It is important to choose the right drain cleaning truck that is reliable, safe and continually operates efficiently and effectively. We are the exclusive distributors in Australia and New Zealand of world-class industrial equipment manufactured by Cappellotto. We provide industry-leading combination sewer cleaning trucks to our customers with ongoing service and support backed up by spare parts with branches located throughout the region.

Over the last decade, KOR has been servicing Australian and New Zealand customers with quality equipment and accessories, care and attention to detail. We tailor solutions to our customer’s needs, consistently delivering the best value. Our uncompromising approach to quality, industry knowledge and expertise, superior results and performance, and customer service has positioned us as a respected leader in our field.

Combination Sewer Cleaning Trucks:
Specs And Features

Here are our Hydro Excavation drainage trucks

CAP COMBI 1500 CL drain cleaning truck

Our compact 4×2 unit is suitable for a diverse range of applications including municipal and inner city urban environment drain cleaning or hydro excavation. It offers unrivalled performance in the industry for its size. Key features include:

  • Productivity of a 6×4 combination unit on a 4×2 chassis 
  • Wet vacuum / water jetting combination 
  • 1″ and 1/2″ Drain Cleaning from the top mounted hose reel with 120m of 1″ sewer hose
  • 270-degree rotational boom and an 820 XL Hibon Blower vacuum pump
  • Rear mounted stainless steel control panel with all function
  • Wireless remote control with all functions including unloading

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CAP COMBI 2600 CC combination sewer cleaning truck

Purpose built and ergonomically designed sewer vacuum truck featuring:

  • 6″ vacuum hose and 1″ drain cleaning capability
  • 8 cubic metre tank, that is ideal for hydro excavation and drain cleaning.
  • 20m hydro excavation hose
  • 4,300-litre stainless steel 304 water tank
  • Full-function wireless remote control and control panel
  • V-belt power transfer with pneumatic clutches
  • Top mounted 270-degree rotational (non-protruding) boom design with 3.8-4.8m extension from the centre of the vehicle

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CAP COMBI 3200 CL wet industrial drain cleaning truck

This perfectly designed storm drain vacuum truck is ideal for a range of hydro excavation and industrial services cleaning applications, including dense tank cleaning, gross pollutant trap cleaning, pit cleaning and high productivity liquid waste removal.

  • High payload and highly efficient vacuum
  • 270 degree 204mm (8″) overhead boom rotation with 8″ vacuum hose mounted at the rear of the unit for excellent reach
  • 10 cubic metre tank
  • High-powered HIBON 840 XL blower with 6,500 m3/hr (3,800cfm)
  • Twin cyclone stainless steel vacuum filtration with automatic cleaning function

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CAP COMBI 2600 CC Hydro drainage vacuum truck

This combination sewer cleaning truck is suitable for hydro excavation and works in high-density urban environments so is ideal for civil construction businesses, utility locators and boring contractors.

  • 270-degree boom rotation with 6″ vacuum hose
  • High payload
  • 8 cubic metre tank
  • Simple-to-use functionality
  • Unique concentric tank design with a compact 6×4 chassis
  • 20m of 3/8″ hose
  • 95% vacuum efficiency
  • 17,100mm kerb to kerb turning circle

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