3200 CL Hydro

The Cappellotto CAP COMBI 3200 CL HYDRO is highly versatile vacuum combination unit.

Combining high efficiency vacuum performance, hydro excavation and high performance vacuum capability, the CAP COMBI 3200 CL HYDRO will find a place in your fleet enabling you to manage diverse applications.

With KOR’s customer service commitment, your unit will be supported for the life of the vehicle.


6.5m boom extension

6″ boom extension allows the operator to complete works in tight to reach spots in a 270 degree arch around the unit. This reach offers 20m of vacuum hose extension for hydro excavation.

Pit / GPT cleaning

The CAP COMBI 3200 CL wet vacuum recovery makes light work of applications such as pit cleaning or gross pollutant trap debris removal. With the low level of manual handling involved when operating this unit, GPT Cleaning can be completed in a safer manner when compared to alternative units.

6″ Hydro Excavation

With the 4,636m3/hr (2,728cfm) vacuum pump and 5,700ltr water tank, hydro excavation work can be completed efficiently and productively. With the units extra reach boom extension and 20m length of vacuum hose, hard to reach locations are accessible to complete non-destructive digging activity.

Highlighted specs




Scania G450 8×4

Power (Hp)



Euro 5

Wheelbase (Euro)


Turning Circle (Kerb to kerb)


Vacuum Pump

Hibon blower 4,635m3/hr (2,728cfm)

Vacuum Efficiency

Max. vacuum 95% (27″ Hg)

Vacuum Filtration

Cyclone – Stainless Steel with automatic cleaning function

Water Pump

Uraca 346l/min @ 205 bar (2,973psi)

Sludge Tank

8,000 litre, 304 Stainless Steel

Water Tank

5,700 litre, 304 Stainless Steel

Hose Reel

Front mounted, 240m x 25mm (1″)

Hydro Excavation

UDOR 17 l/min @ 280bar (4,061 psi)

Control Panel

Rear Mounted Stainless Steel with all functions including unloading

Remote Control

Wireless with all functions including unloading


V-belt and pneumatic clutches for highest efficiency power transmission

Sound Level

85 dB(A) at 1 metre within working RPM range and operational area