Drain & Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

Drain & Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

Drain cleaning and sewer cleaning nozzles and cutters are used to break up debris and flush out drain pipes and sewer lines. There are many different types of drain cleaning nozzles and you must choose the proper high-pressure drain cleaning nozzle for your application’s requirements. Learn about selecting the proper drain cleaning nozzle for your application and when you should replace your drain cleaning nozzle

KOR has been providing world-class industrial equipment and accessories for over 10 years. With uncompromising quality, industry knowledge and expertise, superior results and performance, customer service and loyalty we are proud to be leaders in our field. We supply a range of sewer and drain cleaning nozzles, from both KEG and Duebre in Germany, to customers throughout Australia and New Zealand suitable for many different applications.

Choosing a High-Pressure Drain Cleaning Nozzle

Whilst some drain cleaning nozzles can be used for all-round cleaning such as the Keg Torpedo Nozzle, some are designed for specific applications such as root cutting, grease removal, toilet blowouts and concrete removal. 

When choosing a high-pressure drain cleaning nozzle you will need to ensure it has a compatible pipe diameter and the orifice angles are appropriate for your application.

Our range includes a wide variety of high-pressure sewer and drain cleaning nozzles suitable for many different applications, including:

Drain cleaning

Sewer cleaning

Root cutting

Grease and root removal

Concrete removal

Talk to your local KOR representative will be able to assist you in determining the right high-pressure drain cleaner nozzle that best meets your requirements.

When To Replace High-Pressure Drain Cleaner Nozzles

Drain cleaning nozzles wear down over time. When you notice signs of wear and tear you will need to replace your drain cleaning nozzle to ensure continual safe and effective operation.

Signs of wear and tear may include:

Reduced pressure

Lack of cleaning ability

Visible damage to the nozzle

Missing jets

The rotating nozzle not spinning

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