Providing piece of mind, KOR has developed a market reach where we are able to facilitate trade-in purchases from our clients and reposition preowned units into a different environment. We can manage any unit brand that still has genuine service life.

KOR is proud of the maturity we have introduced into the market that enables customers looking to renew or wanting to gain the great experience on offer when contractors buy a new Cappellotto or Schwarze unit. We have the financial instruments that allow KOR to manage trade-ins efficiently when a customer is looking for lease or purchase options.


We ensure your units have the latest technology, so you can be assured that equipment is fully optimised.


Going hand in hand with fleet optimisation, increase ROI and provide a greater productivity by upgrading your equipment. 

Increase fleet

Do you need to expand your business services?
Trading in old, or model duplicates can better support you and your customers.


Competitive trade in prices and options available with all new equipment purchases. Contact us today to find out more.


Trade in your old equipment to access newer models with increased efficiencies and productivity.

Potential incentives
& Tax benefits

State and Federal Government tax benefits and incentives are regularly available.

National & local
24/7 support 

We provide same day parts dispatch and service packages through our national network of local branches.

KOR are Exclusive distributors for Cappellotto & Schwarze in Australia & New Zealand

We have a range of purchase, lease, trade-in and pre-owned options to suit the needs of your business.