We’re committed to developing best practice solutions for our customers through dedicated training packages.

By tailoring a package, we provide the tools your business needs to support and grow your operations. Our inclusive unit training, digital video program KOR Train, or our equipment operation training do this, helping to support your equipment and people.

Our unique online program KOR Train has been designed to ensure operators have convenient mobile access to the latest information on how to use their equipment efficiently and safely. KOR Train is a flexible, modern safety tool designed to increase efficiency and vehicle productivity through instructional videos accessible via any smart device. In turn, this drives profitability through lower repair and maintenance costs, and less downtime caused by operator error.

Inclusive unit

For clients with multiple Cappellotto units in their fleet, who want to train or re-train their teams as a group, KOR can package inclusive training. This includes:

  • Field operations
  • Safe and effective use of the equipment
  • Repairs and maintenance

operation Training

KOR offer on-site training for all new Cappellotto units at the time of handover. We also provide refresher training when new operators are employed, or for older units. Our training is designed to support your business requirements as you grow.
KOR have partnered with INTO Training Australia Pty Ltd, RTO Code, 7022 which have the required skillsets in their scope and are delivered on behalf of Into Training Australia by KOR Equipment Solutions.
They include:

  • MSMSS00017 Use High-Pressure Water Jetting Equipment
  • MSMSS00018 Operate High-Pressure Water Jetting Systems
  • MSMSS00019 Operate Drain Cleaning Systems
  • MSMSS00020 Operate a Vacuum Loading System
  • MSMSS00021. Operate a Hydro Excavating System

Our inhouse Trainer Assessor is certified by the RTO to deliver on their behalf.

Training packages, tailored to your needs

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