The Vanguard Pathogen Defense System is a game-changing technology in the realm of wastewater management. This system aims to solve a long-standing issue that many workers face: the risk of exposure to harmful pathogens from wastewater sources like sewage or medical waste. We at KOR pride ourselves on long-standing customer relationships and industry experience, which is why we provide specific industry-focused solutions like Vanguard’s system to solve your problems.


The Vanguard System is not just about safety; it’s also about efficiency. By implementing this system, you can expect to save considerably on operational costs. How? Well, you are looking at reduced downtime due to employee illness, lower WorkCover insurance premiums, and minimised liability exposure. In essence, the system pays for itself over time.

Uplifts Employee Morale

When your team knows that their health and safety are being taken seriously, morale naturally improves. This uplift in spirits is not just good for the work environment but also enhances productivity.

An Answer to a Public Health Threat

Wastewater is a breeding ground for antibiotic-resistant bacteria, often termed “superbugs” including Covid 19 variants. A recent study found that a majority of wastewater treatment plants contained MRSA, a dangerous superbug. The Vanguard system tackles this public health threat head-on.

The Control Box 

The Control Box is the heart of the Vanguard System. It mixes the Vanguard Sani-Solution with water and propels it through the cuff or spray gun. The control settings can be adjusted to suit the specific requirements of your job.

The Vanguard Cuff

The Vanguard Cuff cleans the jet hose by using a mixture of water and Anti-Bacterial-Solution. Best of all, it cleans the hose as it’s retracted back into the truck, removing 98% of bacteria and viruses.

Antibacterial Tank 

The antibacterial solution tank is proven to remove up to 98% of bacteria and viruses from surfaces. The concentration can be adjusted for varying needs, giving your workers complete control.

Spray Gun with low-pressure nozzle and extendable Hose

The system comes equipped with a 15-metre hose and spray nozzle, enabling your workers to clean their equipment and other surfaces in contact with wastewater. The hose can be extendable to over 50 metres allowing easy access for residential easements and longer access requirements.

Types of Waste Handled Effectively

The Vanguard System is versatile and robust, capable of dealing with various types of waste, including:

Raw Sewage

A major concern in wastewater management, often containing a multitude of pathogens

Domestic Stormwater / Wastewater

Includes wastewater from household activities, often rich in organic matter and potential bacteria

Industrial Wastewater

Can contain a variety of chemicals and biological contaminants, requiring robust treatment


Highly sensitive as it can contain pathogens directly linked to human diseases

Human Waste

Includes sewage and other human-derived organic materials.

Municipal Stormwater / Wastewater

Encompasses a broader range of waste, including domestic and industrial sources

Hazardous Materials

Special materials that require stringent safety measures

Organic Material

Organic waste that decomposes naturally but can be a breeding ground for pathogens

Fecal Waste

Highly concentrated waste that poses significant health risks

Black Water

Contains fecal matter and urine, requiring specialised treatment

Given the range of waste types, the Vanguard System is an all-in-one solution for comprehensive pathogen defense.

Discover More About Vanguard & Elevate Your Safety Standards

The Vanguard Pathogen Defense System is an investment in the well-being of your workforce.
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