Basic Vacuum Loader Trucks

Basic Vacuum Loader Trucks

Liquid vacuum trucks are used for liquid and sludge clean up, to suction water and debris left from hydro-excavation or drilling jobs, clearing mud to expose utility lines and preventing sewer system overloads. KOR is the official and exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor of Cappellotto liquid vacuum trucks.

Over the last decade, KOR has been providing Australian and New Zealand customers with world-class industrial equipment and accessories. With uncompromising quality, industry knowledge and expertise, superior results and performance, top customer service and loyalty we are proud to be leaders in our field. Our strong partnership with Cappellotto has enabled us to deliver the very best solutions for our clients. Here are the features of the Cappelletto CAP VAC 2600 sucker trucks

Cappelletto CAP VAC 2600 Liquid Vacuum Truck

The Cappelletto CAP VAC 2600 suction trucks are ideal for grease trap cleaning, septic tank pumping and wet vacuum recovery applications.

Key features of this liquid waste truck make it highly efficient, and thus a wise investment includes: 

  • Full tank tipping 
  • Rear door opening and tipping hydraulics
  • Tri-lobe HIBON 810 XL Blower vacuum pump
  • 11,300-litre Corten S355 J2 sludge tank
  • Compact 6×4 chassis
  • High payload
  • 17100mm kerb to kerb turning circle
  • 11,300-litre Corten S355 J2 sludge tank
  • Hibon VTB 810 XL with 1,901 m3/hr (1,119cfm) vacuum pump
  • 95% vacuum efficiency
  • Stainless Steel cyclone vacuum filtration with automatic cleaning function
  • 180m x 25mm (1″) of sewer hose
  • Rear-mounted Stainless Steel control panel with all functions

CAP VAC 2600 Suction Truck Applications

The CAP VAC 2600 liquid vacuum truck is suitable for

Sewage pit cleaning


House blocks

Small canalisations

Drain lines

Wastewater treatment plants

Steel mills



Manufacturing plants

Process plants

Waste disposal sites

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