CAP VAC 2600 Liquid Tanker Standard 6×4

The CAP VAC 2600 Liquid Tanker Standard has a simple design and high payload for liquid vacuum recovery work.

With full tank tipping and rear door opening, coupled with a tri-lobe HIBON 810 XL Blower vacuum pump, this unit is a highly efficient vacuum recovery liquid tanker ideal for grease trap cleaning, septic tank pumping and wet vacuum recovery applications.

Furthermore, the 11,300 litre tank on the CAP VAC 2600 Liquid Tanker on a compact 6×4 chassis allows you to work more efficiently with less time at the disposal site.


Wet vacuum recovery

A wet vacuum recovery unit for the Australian market with ergonomic features designed for simple operation.

Rear door opening and tipping

With the Standard specification on the CAP VAC 2600 Liquid Tanker, rear door opening and tank tipping hydraulics are fitted as standard. This decreases time taken to discharge material once vacuum recovery work has been completed.

High payload

With the units design, a high payload is achieveable. A feature which allows your team to load the tank with more waste and complete the job at a quicker rate.

Highlighted specs


<span”>CAP VAC 2600 Liquid Tanker Standard


Volvo FE320 6×4

Power (Hp)



Euro 6

Wheelbase (Euro)


Turning Circle (Kerb to kerb)


Overall Length




Sludge Tank

11,300 litres, Material Corten S355 J2

Vacuum Pump

Hibon VTB 810 XL with 1,901 m3/hr (1,119cfm)

Vacuum Efficiency

Max. vacuum 95% (29″Hg)

Vacuum Filtration

Stainless Steel Cyclone with automatic cleaning function

Main Hose Reel

180m x 25mm (1″) of sewer hose

Control Panel

Rear Mounted Stainless Steel with all functions

Sounds Levels

Below 85dB(A) at 1 metre at rear of unit (general working RPM at 1,000RPM)