KOR is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with Falch, a pioneering water jetting machinery manufacturer with over 35 years of experience, in Australia and New Zealand.

By partnering with Falch, we continue to deliver innovation, efficiency, and unrivalled quality in every client solution. Leveraging Falch’s practical expertise and proactive service delivery, we ensure that our clients experience additional benefits, including improved efficiency through automation, further enhancing the value of our comprehensive offerings

Since its establishment in 1986, Falch has evolved significantly, transitioning from a “one-man blasting company” to becoming a prominent manufacturer of high pressure water jetting technology.

Backed by KOR’s extensive industry knowledge and commitment to exceptional customer service, our combined commitment to constant improvement ensures you receive best-in-class equipment, supported by our best-in-class services, which are designed to tackle even the most challenging hydroblasting tasks.

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KOR is the proud exclusive distributor of Falch throughout Australia and New Zealand, delivering advanced solutions for water jetting equipment. Our partnership ensures you have access to the industry’s best solutions, from initial equipment purchasing to ongoing support.

We stock a wide range of Falch products across our service network, along with readily available spare parts and expert servicing, guaranteeing exceptional after-sales care throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Why Falch?

The Falch philosophy is to offer their customers an extensive equipment range, from the smallest accessories, up to 500 kW high pressure pumps and industrial high pressure cleaners. Their equipment excels at detailed applications such as underwater blasting and paint removal to heavy-duty tasks like concrete renovation and bitumen removal.

Backed by a 25-year spare parts availability guarantee and extensive application expertise, Falch supports its customers with long-term relationships and the ability to successfully grow in competitive markets.

Safety &

Falch is a leading innovator in the water jetting industry, committed to developing faster, more efficient, and environmentally friendly equipment. Through continuous pump development, improved accessories, and a growing range of robotic solutions, Falch ensures superior machine performance, safety, and environmental responsibility. KOR supports this dedication to safety and innovation, and positions this partnership for a successful and sustainable future.

Our range of Falch Water Jetting equipment


Frame ROB

Surface ROB

Diverse Water Jetting Applications

Falch water jetting equipment offers an unparalleled range of industrial cleaning and surface preparation solutions. From precise tasks like underwater blasting and paint removal to powerful applications like hydro demolition and concrete renovation, Falch delivers exceptional results.

Their extensive capabilities include:

Industrial Cleaning:

Clean buildings, construction machinery, tanks, pipes, vehicles, and more.

Surface Preparation:

Remove graffiti, corrosion, bitumen, chewing gum, and old paint for a clean and ready-to-work surface.

Renovation and Restoration:

Restore concrete, facades, floors, metal roofs, monuments, ships, and vehicles to their former glory.

Specialised Applications:

Perform tasks like descaling heat exchangers, cutting with water jets, and removing bark or rubber deposits.

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