CAP COMBI 2600 CC Drain Cleaner

The CAP COMBI 2600 CC Drain Cleaner is a unit designed for Australia with a simple and ergonomic foundation.

With 270 degree boom rotation with 6″ vacuum hose and 1″ drain cleaning capability this combination unit is ideal for businesses looking to expand their operational capability to drain cleaning.

With an 8m³ tank, the unit is ideal for hydro excavation and drain cleaning.


1″ drain cleaning

1″ Drain Cleaning from the top mounted hose reel with 180m of 1″ sewer hose. 270 degree boom rotation allows for easy entry to tight to reach access points when cleaning sewers or drainage networks.

6″ Hydro Excavation

With 20m of hydro excavation hose and 270 degree rotational vacuum hose boom, hydro excavation can be completed at a distance from the unit. The vacuum hose ensures that access to tight locations can be completed by when operating the unit.

Concentric tank design

The tank design of the CAP COMBI 2600 CC Drain Cleaner ensures that weight is evenly distributed over the chassis to maximise payload with a low centre of gravity. This increases safety and reduces the risk associated with operating a vacuum combination unit.

Highlighted specs


CAP COMBI 2600 CC Drain Cleaner


Volvo FE320 6×4

Power (Hp)



Euro 6

Wheelbase (Euro)


Turning Circle (Kerb to kerb)


Overall Length




Sludge Tank

8,000 litres, Stainless Steel 304

Water Tank

4,300 litres, Stainless Steel 304

Vacuum Pump

Hibon 820 XL with 2,822 m3/hr (1,661cfm)

Vacuum Efficiency

Max. vacuum 95% (29″Hg)

Vacuum Filtration

Stainless Steel Cyclone with automatic cleaning function

Main Hose Reel

180m x 25mm (1″) of sewer hose

Main Water Pump

Uraca 333 l/min @ 170bar (2,465 psi)

Hydro Excavation Pump

UDOR 17 l/min @ 280bar (4,061 psi)

Hydro Excavation Hose Reel

Spring loaded 20mx3/8″ hose

Body Control

Full Function Wireless Remote Control and Control Panel


V-belt power transfer with pneumatic clutches

Boom Design

Top mounted 270 degree rotational design (non-protruding design) with 3.8-4.8m extension from the centre of the vehicle

Vacuum Hose

5 metres of 150mm (6″) hose

Sound Levels

Below 85 dB(A) at 1 metre at rear of unit (general working RPM at 1,000RPM)