Schwarze ‘Hypervac™’ Pure Vacuum Sweeper

The Hypervac has changed the vacuum sweeper industry to expect a new level of cleaning and performance.

1,100mm side brooms with a central array of vertical digger brooms channelling product to the largest pick-up heads and 300mm suction hoses makes this a sweeper like no other. Unrivalled performance and scrubbing efficiency only possible with the Schwarze design. Higher filtration and lower sound levels via a new ‘tortuous sound path attenuator’ that also acts as a dust separator. Joystick control with single button ‘push to sweep’ along with 8” handheld hose with 2,500psi front spray bar, make this package the new performance leader.


Curb Sweeping

Higher performance allows more cleaning with lower sound levels. Single button operation and joystick control with market leading broom adjustment allows consistent cleaning with more KMS every day. Designed for lower repair and maintenance costs.

Industrial / Civil Sweeping

Ground-breaking performance in an industrial sweeper. Designed for the toughest conditions for industrial applications and road construction. Cleaner filtration and lower sound levels in operation. No other sweeper can match sweep performance in sand, gravels and millings.

Pit Cleaning

17,000cfm in a vacuum sweeper gives a significant advantage to crossover into efficient pit cleaning activity. 8” rear mounted hose and washdown handgun makes lightwork of solid material with pit cleaning and catch basins.