22″ x 13lb Gutter Broom

22″ x 13lb Gutter Broom

Part# SBP200EN422G
Due to the tougher wire and steeper angle used in ODB brooms, ODB brushes outperform competitors in all configurations.

Thanks to improved wear rates, extended life and significantly reduced breakage rates, ODB standard brooms are the best candidate for even longer life and maximum surface cleaning.

Highlighted specs

Higher ROI

with ODB brooms

Extended wear life

of up to 2 times longer

Cost reduction

Results in direct life cost reduction of brooms including fitment of up to 65% lower

Higher broom weight

Up to 30%, giving longer life

Reduced labour cost

with extended life between changing brooms

Nylon broom base

superior over timber as Nylon does not swell or soften

Higher productivity

sweep with less individual bristle breakage over time

Lower hydraulic requirement

Results in lower hydraulic requirement reducing fuel and wear costs

Faster sweep speed

achievable through improved broom sweep