CAP BORA 3200 XL (9000) 10×4

The CAP BORA 3200 XL (9000) 10×4 is a high performance industrial vacuum unit with unmatched productivity levels for wet or dry applications in the one machine.

With 270 degree boom rotation with 8″ vacuum hose and an articulated end for extended reach and manoeuvrability this industrial vacuum unit is ideal for businesses looking to expand their capabilities in the industrial services and cleaning sector.

The CAP BORA 3200 XL boasts exceptional vacuum performance with a HIBON 8702 producing 9,608m3/hr (5,655cfm).


8″ hydro excavation

With the immense vacuum performance of the unit, hydro excavation can be completed with this unit in shorter timeframes when compared against other vacuum trucks

Dry Vacuum recovery

The productivity levels possible as a result of the CAP BORA 3200 XL’s HIBON 8702 vacuum pump make dry vacuum recovery work on mine-sites, cement mills and tunnelling projects efficient and profitable.

Durability for australian conditions

With ergonomics for the operator at the core of the unit’s design, high versatility and specialised industrial services cleaning are the optimal applications for the CAP BORA 3200 XL. Combined with the unit’s exceptional vacuum performance makes the CAP BORA 3200 XL one of the most productive vacuum units available for sale today.

Highlighted specs


CAP BORA 3200 XL (9000)


Scania R500 10×4/6

Power (Hp)



Euro 5

Wheelbase (Euro)


Turning Circle (Kerb to kerb)


Overall Length




Sludge Tank

12,000 litres, Stainless Steel 304

Water Tank

3,400 litres, Stainless Steel 304

Vacuum Pump

Hibon 8702 with 9,608 m3/hr (5,655cfm)

Vacuum Efficiency

Max. vacuum 93% (27″Hg)

Vacuum Filtration Dry

Self cleaning dry baghouse filter system

Vacuum Filtration Wet

Twin stainless steel cyclones with automatic cleaning function

Optional Washdown / Hydro Excavation Pump

40ltrs/min @ 400bar (5,800psi) Class ‘B’

Hydro Excavation Pump

UDOR 17 l/min @ 280bar (4,061 psi)

Hydro Excavation Hose Reel

Stainless Steel spring return 20m x 3/8″ hose

Remote Control

Wireless with all functions including unloading

Boom Design

Top mounted 270 degree rotational design with over 6m reach

Vacuum Hose

8″ vacuum hose with 6m reach and an articulated end

Sound Levels

Below 85 dB(A) at 1 metre at rear of unit (general working RPM at 1,000RPM)

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