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Over the last decade, KOR has grown the national footprint to support contractors across Australia and New Zealand. The cornerstone of the KOR vision is to make it easier for our customers. This includes a full service support capability, spare parts centres across Australia, unit availability to support the demand for contractors and a customer service focus to support our clients.


Organisations that embrace the commercial power associated with proactive fleet management are able to become highly profitable. They realise the value of preserving capital, leveraging finance, procurement and retirement modelling with maturing equipment specification development. Reliability, productivity, maintenance regimes and utilisation management will lead to superior yields. KOR has the experience and expertise to assist our clients in creating these fundamental financial strategies for their shareholders with fleet development and flexibility.


KOR has developed a market reach where we are able to facilitate trade-in purchases from our clients and reposition preowned units into a different environment. We can manage any unit brand that still has genuine service life. KOR is proud of the maturity we have introduced into the market that enables customers looking to renew or wanting to gain the great experience on offer when contractors buy a new Cappellotto unit. We have the financial instruments that allow KOR to manage trade-ins efficiently when a customer is looking for lease or purchase options.


Financial flexibility is key to optimising return-on-investment against capital equipment. KOR can long term lease, short term lease or lease-to-buy with a tailored package determined by the customer’s specific situation.


The founder of KOR was a contractor for many decades prior to the establishment of our company. It is in the “DNA” of the KOR team to be there for our clients no matter when they call upon us. We have developed our people and systems to support our customer service charter driving excellent outcomes that the team at KOR pride themselves on!

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