OEM Partners

Through KOR’s 10 year history, a focus on seeking the world’s best practise, technology and engineering capability to bring to the Australian market has been a key success. Our manufacturing partner in Cappellotto Spa. deliver the world’s highest quality, most efficient and ergonomically designed vacuum trucks. Supported by our extended range of products from KEG nozzles, the world’s highest quality nozzle producer, Duebre, Southland Tools, Polyflow Cobra Sewer Hose and Uraca water pumps, our Cappellotto product is supported by the highest performing accessories from across the globe. 

For over 65 years, Cappellotto have designed, engineered and manufactured vacuum and water jetting trucks. Over this period, the investment they have made in research and development to improve their capability and finished product to support the customer is second to none. With six manufacturing plants throughout the Treviso region of Italy and over 500 employees, Cappellotto are one of the largest truck mounted vacuum and water pressure technology manufacturers in the world.

Cappellotto – KOR

The partnership between Cappellotto and KOR has been in place formally for 10 years and makes KOR the official and exclusive distributor of the Cappellotto product through Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. This includes product purchasing, spare parts, servicing and whole of life support. Given the strength of the partnership between Cappellotto – KOR, we support our product/customers by stocking over 30,000 individual spare parts through our branch networks across the country regions we service.

A Proud
Manufacturing History

Over the 65 year history at Cappellotto, they mastered combination drain cleaning units in the 1970s, industrial vacuum and water recycling units in the, dangerous goods units in the 1990s, dangerous good combination units in the early 2000s, vacuum excavation units in 2005 and recently fully electric operation combination units. KOR is proud to partner Cappellotto given their commitment to research and development ensuring our clients receive world’s best practise.


The partnership between Uraca and KOR has further strengthened KOR’s position in the Australian and New Zealand markets as a leader in high pressure water jetting technology. As the worlds leading manufacturers in high pressure water jetting technology, URACA’s product range complements the Cappellotto equipment and forges the ultimate product offering presented by KOR.

KEG Nozzles

With their efficient fluid mechanics, the KEG nozzle range offers superior efficiency and drain cleaning options to alternative nozzles. Lower cost of life through lower fuel burn and no maintenance ensures that the KEG nozzles supplied with your Cappellotto unit will work reliably. This, combined with KEG’s quality commitment through a 5 year warranty, with a free of charge replacement for any defects, means you can have confidence that the KEG range is manufactured to the highest of qualities.

Duebre Nozzles

The Duebre nozzle range offers customers greater flexibility around nozzle options and affordability making most drain cleaning applications accessible for contractors. The Duebre range offers a diverse array of high pressure water cleaning nozzles to the industry, through KOR.

Polyflow Cobra
Sewer Hose

The COBRA Polyflow sewer hose range provides customers the optimal hose for the Cappellotto product sewer hose reel design. With the low coefficient of drag and durable outer skin, the Cobra sewer hose range offers the industry a high quality sewer hose that is durable and stands the test of time. 


The Southland Tools range offers a plethora of accessories to support your hydro excavation, drain cleaning and vacuum recovery operations. Items such as 6″ hydro excavation liquification attachments, tigertail drain cleaning hose protectors and tools to increase safety when accessing pits for drain cleaning. Whatever the application may be, KOR has the right tool for the job with the Southland Tools range of accessories.

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